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Costa Rica All Inclusive Vacations & Vacation Packages

Costa Rica all inclusive vacations can offer a convenient option for singles, couples, and families who are interested in paying their costs up front instead of reaching for your cash or credit card every few minutes.

For this reason, these types of vacation packages have been gaining in popularity in recent years and are spreading out from Mexico and the Caribbean.

There are, however, some things to take into consideration before laying down your hard-earned coins on an all inclusive vacation.

Here is what you have to be aware of...

The Asterisks (aka What's not included...)

All inclusives often (but not always) offer the basics like:
  • Transfers
  • Accomodation
  • Daily meals in addition to soda, beer and wine (usually the booze is just at lunch/dinner)
  • Bar drinks and sometimes snacks
  • Sporting activities plus equipment and instruction
But if you delve a little deeper you may find out that you're not getting everything you normally look for on your vacation. For instance, those bar drinks will rarely include top shelf liquor or premium beers and wines. Also, you may find that a good deal of sporting activities are not covered. Want to go scuba diving? You're probably going to have to pay, sometimes quite a bit. Excursions outside of the resort will rarely be covered in your vacation cost, same for advanced instruction in sports or activities. Spa treatments are rarely included. If you have kids, you'll probably be paying extra for day care and special kid related activities. What's more, you will also have to pay extra for internet access and phone calls, things which all add up when you consider the total cost of your vacation package.

Basically, you need to read all the fine print when choosing from the various Costa Rica all inclusive vacations that are on offer. There are certain resorts that offer more items in their lists of all inclusive items, and this is something to take into consideration when looking at prices. The package comparisons aren't always apples-to-apples. If you're a big scuba diver, you will probably want to hunt for a resort that offers a package that includes diving. Likewise if you're a golfer, etc.

Investigations and Negotiation

Do your research before buying your all inclusive vacation. Find out what is NOT included in the fine print, but don't hesitate to call ahead if you have any questions. This way you may be able to negotiate some of your own terms if you express interest, but also let the resort know you have other options. In fact, there is a term called bundling which often works with resorts and hotels where you can work out phone and internet usage into one reasonable rate, instead of perhaps $15/day for wifi internet and a dollar per local phone call, plus exorbitant long-distance phone rates.

This bundling can also work on cruise ships, where for example you can purchase a one time soft-drink card so you're not paying for Cokes whenever you're outside of meal times - this drinking can add up when you're paying $2 per soda plus any tip!

Also, remember you have rights too. If you see charges on your bill that you were led to believe were included, contest them. You have every right. For this reason though it is very helpful to have everything spelled out before you embark on any Costa Rica all inclusive vacations.

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