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Tamarindo Fishing

Not just a Mecca for surfing, Tamarindo fishing is another huge draw for this popular tourist destination.

However, the numerous other attractions make Tamarindo the perfect place for a family fishing vacation since fishermen and non-fishermen will both be satisfied.

Tamarindo is the base for numerous fishing charters in the Northwest region of Costa Rica. The charter boats here roam the waters south along the Nicoya Peninsula and north into the productive Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste. In this region both inshore and offshore fishing are fantastic.

One of the unique things about fishing in Tamarindo, and the Guanacaste / Papagayo area in general, is that along this portion of coastline the continental shelf descends very near to shore.

Tarmarindo Fishing -- a beautiful Marlin!

In fact, the continental shelf drop-off can be reached in just 40 minutes. This is a good thing because it means that you don't have to head very far offshore to start getting into deep water, the territory of offshore species like Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin.

Inshore fishing is still great though, with plenty of Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, and Roosterfish. There is also good bottom fishing in this region for Grouper and Snapper.

While every type of fish mentioned above can be caught at any time of year on a Tamarindo fishing trip, certain times of year are typically better than others.

Tamarindo Fishing Seasons by Species

  • Sailfish: The best months are from May through August. Bites are least frequent from late August throught November.
  • Marlin: Blue marlin are more common than black marlin, and the best time of year is from the middle of November to the beginning of March. Another peak time is from early June to the end of August or beginning of September.
  • Dorado (Mahi mahi): Late May through October is the best time of year for this tasty fish, during the rainy season when debris is being carried out to sea by the rivers. Dorado like to swim beneath floating debris, like logs and rafts of junk.
  • Roosterfish: This fish can be caught year round in the Gulf of Papagayo, depending on the water conditions. However November through March are the most productive months. The Bat Islands are a hot spot for this fish (and a great diving spot).
  • Tuna: August through October is the best time for Yellowfin, with the waters between Tamarindo and the Catalina Islands being the best spot, an area less than thirty minutes from Tamarindo beach.
  • Wahoo: The bite for wahoo is around the rainy season, like Dorado, starting in mid-May, with peak season from July through August. They're often caught around rocky marine topography like the Catalina and Bat Islands, but in season they can be found offshore too.

    Tamarindo Fishing Charter Companies

    The majority of sport fishing charter companies don't have offices in town, so it pays to do some research and make some calls before you arrive in town. Here's a list of some of the most popular charters.

    • Tamarindo Sportfishing
    • Lone Star Sportfishing
    • Papagayo Excursions
    • Capullo Sportfishing
    • Tantrum Sportfishing

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