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How Affordable Can a Wedding in Costa Rica Be?

A wedding in Costa Rica is more affordable than you think. People's desire to have the perfect wedding has typically meant that weddings get more and more expensive. Getting married in Costa Rica can, surprisingly, be an exception. In addition to the amazing natural scenery and the incredible range of locations to choose from, the price of having a wedding in Costa Rica is one of its majorattractions as far as destination weddings go.

Wedding in Costa Rica: Getting Married Cheap in ParadiseIt might seem as though it would be more expensive to get marriedin Costa Rica since you need to pay for airfareand accommodation, but that is not entirely the case. What you save hostingan event in Costa Rica often balances these costs out, or at least minimizes them.

Although not as inexpensive as other Central American countries,Costa Rica is more developed than its neighbors and significantlyless expensive than the United States, Canada or the UnitedKingdom. Flowers, entertainment, venues, food and more are all cheaper than they would be at home.

Many resort hotels like the Allegro Papagayo - which overlooks the Papgayo Bay on the Pacific Ocean - offer package rates for weddings. Allegro Papgayo's Premium Wedding Fiesta package offers service for 16 guests including wedding planner, decor, flowers, CD system, Judge & documentation services, wedding cake, semi-private reception, and some gifts for the bride and groom - all for just $1650. They even have a more basic package for $1050. Imagine that, a wedding in Costa Rica for less than the price of an average engagement ring.

Furthermore, weddings abroad tend to be smaller than weddings closeto home, which saves you a significant amount of money. Trywhittling down your list to real essential guests. A wedding abroadhelps avoid having to invite (and pay for) guests like your boss,co-workers, neighbors, and others who may not really be that closeto you. Those savings can quickly add up.

Also, traveling to Costa Rica is easier and less expensive than youmight imagine. There are 22 direct flights from the United Statesto Costa Rica, most of which cost between 300 and 700 dollars.Obviously, it would be more expensive from the United Kingdom, butthere are direct flights available.

What's more, you can arrange a group travel rate, as there are various travel agencies that can cut you a break on airfarefor a large group. American Airlines offers a 5% discount on groups of ten or more, for instance. Just be sure to buy your tickets early - at least six-weeks to a few months early. If airfare is still an issue, try telling gueststo forgo presents in favor of attending your Costa Ricawedding.

Another way to lower your costs is to plan your wedding in Costa Rica for the Green season, or rainy season. This is typically from May to November on the Pacific Coast, a time when hotels and flights are cheaper. This doesn't mean you need to have a wet wedding though. During this time there are parts of the country that are dry. On the Caribbean side, September and October are typically drier months. Around the stunning Arenal Volcano, April through November is dry, with September and October being the best months to see the volcano.

Bonus: You've Already Started Your Costa Rica Honeymoon

I mentioned this before, but realize that after your reception you can smoothly move on to your CostaRica honeymoon. No limo necessary to chauffer you to an airport - you're already in paradise.

Having a wedding in Costa Rica allows you to get married in a land straight out of your dreams and forge a lasting memory in the midst of stunning naturalbeauty. All for less than it would cost for a more lavish yet generic ceremony at home. Spend the money on the thing you'll really remember - the destination.

Lots more cheap beach wedding ideas to help you plan your perfect destination wedding.

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