Costa Rica Mountain Biking: Tours and Rental Info

Costa Rica Mountain Biking: Tours and Rental Info

Costa Rica Mountain Biking: Tours and Rental Info

Mountain biking in Costa Rica is spectacular, and arguably one of the best ways to see this beautiful country. The stunning views you pass by on a mountain bike are even more peaceful without the background hum of a car engine. Another plus is that the wildlife is fearless, giving you a better chance of spotting a herd of toucans or basilisk lizards. To find out more about Costa Rica check out the site

Outfitters from the USA can organize a Costa Rica mountain bike tour, or you can go with a Costa Rican company. Either way, you can choose single or multi-day trips that range from the beautiful beaches to the lush highlands. However, US companies usually require you to bring your own bike and equipment.

The pace of your tour is usually as tough or easy as you like, with no pressure to keep up with the Lance Armstrongs of your group. Despite this, it’s still a good idea to check mileage and terrain before booking a tour. Quality tour companies provide a support van, or sag wagon, which follows the group to drop off or pick up those who wish to take a break, or only bike a certain section of the route.

Experienced bilingual guides will be with you the whole way, able to help out with any mechanical or physical problems you may have, or just to offer an encouraging word on a particularly steep section.

International airlines usually allow you to check a properly boxed bike as one of your pieces of luggage – package your bike well, as it is likely to have a rough journey. Some airlines charge a small fee, so it’s best to check ahead of time and shop around with various airlines.

Bring a mountain bike, not a road bike. Local road conditions with swimming pool sized potholes are not kind to touring bikes.

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Not interested in a booking a tour?

Bike rentals are available in most tourist towns, though equipment quality varies. It’s a good idea to bring your own helmet and water bottle. Be careful of bad drivers and rough roads, but other than that there are some great little rides like along the Caribbean coast from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo in just an hour. You will surely enjoy your self while on your Costa Rica mountain biking adventure.