Costa Rica Weddings: Getting Married in Paradise

Costa Rica Weddings: Getting Married in Paradise

Costa Rica Weddings: Getting Married in Paradise

It’s obvious why Costa Rica weddings are so popular. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and offers a tremendous backdrop for your marriage.

What are some of the venue options for your wedding? Anything from stunning, isolated beachesto lush rainforests, to towering volcanoes or misty cloud forests, or even luxury resorts like the Four Seasons Papgayo. There are endless options for getting married in Costa Rica.

If you’ve been dreaming of a fantasy destination wedding, Costa Rica can deliver – I’ve seen enough smiling couples to know it’s true. Below you’ll find information and advice for organizing Costa Rica weddings.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Planning

One way or another, Costa Rica weddings are a beautiful affair. However, the logistics involved with a destination wedding require some planning and foresight.

How much money do you want to spend, where do you want to have the ceremony, what time of year do you want to go?

Dry season is best, and on the Pacific coast that means from December to April, but central Costa Rica and the Caribbean are a whole different story. Click the link above for some helpful advice on planning Costa Rica destination weddings.

Legal Weddings-Costa Rica Requirements

For your Costa Rica wedding to be legal, there are a few hoops to jump through, but the process is relatively easy. Click the link above to find out what you’ll need.

How Much Does a Wedding in Costa Rica Cost?

Getting married in paradise can actually be an affordable option. Wedding ceremonies abroad tend to be a smaller affair than they would be at home since they usually just include close friends and family, meaning less money. (Your boss, neighbors and others you might feel obligated to invite are not going to fly to Central America – and that’s probably a good thing!) What’s more, many resorts offer packages for just a few thousand dollars. Click the link above if you need some more information and ideas for saving money to convince you.

Your Costa Rica Honeymoon is Built-In!

Another benefit of weddings in Costa Rica is that you can easily transition into an unforgettable honeymoon while you’re in the country. You’ve already paid the airfare, so just hang out and spend a couple weeks traveling the country as newlyweds.

As one of the premier honeymoon destinations inCentral America, love just seems to blossom here. Believe me, I sawenough romances develop living in Costa Rica for a year to think that the tap water there contains an aphrodisiac. If that’s not enough, try theseafood soup served in almost every coastal village. Locals claimit’s better than Viagra, and judging by the smiles of my friendsafter eating, I’m pretty well convinced.

Don’t Settle for an Ordinary Wedding

Costa Rica weddings are the kind of event that is talked about by your friends and family for years to come. Only those suffering from a lack of imagination get married at a local church or hall; wouldn’t you like your wedding to be different?

Getting married in Costa Rica means doing something different, something off the beaten path, something extraordinary. Don’t settle for less than your dream wedding.